Innovation Snapshot
Location:Edmonton, Alberta

Protecting the world’s water with real time data

2SWater is an Edmonton-based cleantech company that helps cities and industry keep an eye on what’s in their water. Whether it’s monitoring what’s coming into a facility or what’s coming out, having up-to-date information on water quality is essential.

2SWater’s sensors are designed to easily plug into existing equipment. The sensor then pulls in a small amount of water and turns it into plasma before superheating and analyzing it. The result is a near-instant report of metals, chemicals and other contaminants. Most wastewater monitoring systems can take up to 30 minutes to report or even up to a couple of weeks if a lab analysis is needed. 2SWater’s sensor updates every few minutes.

That kind of real-time data can keep equipment from being damaged due to poor water quality, as well as helping industries avoid fines and environmental damage. As well, it can be used to ensure clean drinking water. The process is highly automated and is built to require minimal maintenance.

2SWater’s sensors can be fitted to detect dozens of heavy metals and contaminants and are used in mining, forestry, municipal waste and other sectors.

Recently, 2SWater was the winner of the fifth annual Mining Cleantech Challenge in Denver and Anthea Sargeaunt, CEO was selected as one of the Canada Clean50 for 2021.

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