Innovation Snapshot
Innovator:Amoveo Training
Location:Medicine Hat, Alberta

Taking simulation education to the next level of realism.

Amoveo designs and manufactures customized trainers, wearable special effects, and simulated tissues for medical, paramedic, and nursing education to address complex challenges across Canada and the US.

When founder Matthew Jubelius started Amoveo Training he wanted to address a gap in education simulation products. He had seen many DIY attempts for moulage that used construction caulking on the skin as well as simulation products that were used in training that had no response like real tissue. His answer – provide specialized healthcare simulation training, medical education, simulated tissue product design and manufacturing to enhance the realism of healthcare and safety simulations.

I noticed that a lot of skills equipment did not reflect what real tissue actually feels like in training healthcare professionals. After seeing many DIY attempts including people building unsafe products to “save a few dollars” and seeing limited functionality of current market products, I felt compelled to design solutions that are safe for learners.
– Matthew Jubelius.

Today, Amoveo provides simulation products that actually respond to treatment such as negative pressure wound therapy and other medical and nursing interventions that increase the realism of education, safety and teamwork.

All wounds are reusable and skin-safe, helping save valuable setup time and increase efficiency.