Innovation Snapshot
Innovator:Canadian Laser Marking Solutions
Location:Spruce Grove, Alberta

Canadian Laser Marking Solutions (CLMS) is a Spruce Grove-based business that uses lasers as an alternative to chemical and abrasive cleaning. Laser cleaning is a versatile and eco-friendly cleaning option that can be used on any material from cardboard and wood to concrete and metal. The process involves no consumables and uses a low amount of power, reducing negative environmental impacts.

Originally founded as Fiber Laser Marking over two years ago, CLMS has grown to expand its product line to include laser cleaning, laser welding and laser cutting and induction coating removal for a wide range of industries.

The team at CLMS continually innovate to offer the latest in laser-based technology to a multitude of industries. This includes launching the world’s first 150-watt laser cleaning backpack.

CLMS has participated in several events hosted by InnoTech Alberta through the Alberta Manufacturing and Fabrication Innovation (AMFI) program, as well as a project in conjunction with NAIT and City of Edmonton.

They’re currently working with rust, paint and coating removal for manufacturing and non-destructive testing companies, and on a graffiti abatement program that is not affected by cold weather and does not require waste removal. Future growth opportunities include aircraft repair and inspection, flood restoration, and furniture restoration.

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