Innovation Snapshot
Innovator:The Canadian Vigour Centre
Location:Edmonton, Alberta

The Canadian VIGOUR Centre: Getting to the heart of cardiovascular research

Heart disease is the second-leading cause of death in the country, claiming the lives of more than 50,000 Canadians each year. Even for those living with heart disease, it can be debilitating, having huge impacts on their quality of life.

The Canadian VIGOUR Centre (CVC), headquartered at the University of Alberta, supports research into improving cardiovascular health. As the Canadian arm of the larger international VIGOUR network, CVC’s wide-ranging activities help foster new discoveries in heart health. Over the past decade, the research organization has helped produce more than a thousand publications regarding diagnosis, treatment and other aspects of cardiovascular care.

The team at CVC use their expertise to help design and manage clinical trials to help researchers make new discoveries. One of the organization’s most recent clinical trials, dubbed VICTORIA, offers the potential of a new treatment for those with chronic heart failure who have a high risk of death and hospitalization. It could also lead to further research into options for people with other, difficult-to-treat heart conditions. The centre’s clinical registries provide patient data that is invaluable for informing treatment and finding trends in healthcare.

In addition to the clinical trials it helps manage directly, CVC also examines data and statistics from other sources to improve our understanding of cardiovascular health - everything from new insights into EKG results, to healthcare savings to new public health initiatives.