Innovation Snapshot
Innovator:Confined Space Robotics
Location:Leduc, Alberta

Protecting your people

Industry focus on safety has never been higher. Leduc-based Confined Space Robotics (CSR) is a company dedicated to eliminating the need for humans to enter dangerous confined spaces such as the tanks and vessels required in the production of petrochemicals and fertilizers. Its technology includes robots for inspections, abrasive blasting, vacuuming, and coatings.

Founded in 2020, CSR is in the robotic solutions and safety business. They lease and train robotic solutions with the intent to perform project work with zero injuries. The technology can scan areas in complete darkness and plan the optimum trajectory in less than two minutes, leaving the operator ready to localise everything with a detailed 3D image and blast using a handheld remote.

Understanding that robotic solutions are costly investments, CSR offers a rental program. Companies can rent a fully functioning robotic solution for blasting or coating projects by the day, week, month, or project. Rentals include an operational robotic solution, fully trained robotic operator, trained project manager, and transportation to and from the work site. There’s also a buy or lease program that comes with a warranty and training for your company’s team.

CSR’s robotic solutions save lives, and that’s job number one. But they also save time and money by getting work done quicker, safer, and with better results. This allows companies to take on larger projects and see higher returns. CSR’s robotic solutions aren’t complicated and are easy to use, plus the company provides ongoing support.

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