Innovation Snapshot
Location:Calgary, Alberta

When it’s time to hire someone, there is always a certain amount of risk involved. Does a prospective employee have all the qualifications they are promising? Is their training and certification up to date? There’s only so much verification an employer can do before hiring — and the risks are even greater in industries like construction, where safety training is vitally important.

Credivera is a Calgary-based company that uses blockchain technology to take the guesswork and stress out of verifying credentials. Credivera’s technology creates a sort of digital wallet for construction workers, which holds their safety accreditations, training information and professional memberships. This gives worksite supervisors and hiring managers a quick, easy way to check their qualifications. Since the wallet is based on a blockchain, any updates happen instantly — no longer would workers or employers get blindsided by expired safety credentials or other nasty surprises.

Credivera’s verification technology will eliminate the need for cumbersome binders on job sites to keep track of everyone’s certification. It also eliminates privacy risks for those working construction, the company says; by using a token-based system to request the information when it's needed, companies no longer have to store employee’s personal information long-term. And the distributed system makes it near information for people to hack personal info or create fraudulent certifications.

Credivera recently partnered with the CANA Group of companies, one of the country’s largest construction organizations, to digitize many of their health and safety accreditation processes. As well, they’ve signed a deal with Edmonton-based We Know Training to create digital credentials designed to integrate easily with Credivera’s technology.