Innovation Snapshot
Innovator:Crux OCM
Location:Calgary, Alberta

Safer Automated Plants

It started with a desire to better understand pipeline control room challenges and identify which parts are currently labour-intensive, prone to error or subject to changing conditions – all with a thorough grounding in safety standards.

With these objectives in mind, Vicki Knott, a process control expert, and Roger Shirt, an industry automation control and simulation expert, launched a technology startup called Crux OCM (Operations Control Management).

“A big concern in the industry is the way in which long periods of inactivity, combined with short bursts of a lot of activity and shift work, contribute to control room operator fatigue, which in turn significantly correlated to safety incidents,” says the company.

By combining advanced physics-based methodologies with machine learning, CRUX software helps ensure operators stay safe while contributing to seamless plant operation.

Benefits of an Automated Control Room

  • Expanded throughput
  • Reduced power utilization
  • Improved safety performance

Crux OCM helps operators at pipelines and other large oil and natural gas facilities execute process commands significantly faster, all while supporting safer reliable system performance.

  • In 2019, Crux OCM received the Innovation in Process Controls Award at the June Global Petroleum Show in Calgary.

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