Innovation Snapshot
Innovator:Fidelity Machine & Mould Solutions
Location:Calgary, Alberta

Building relationships to tackle complex problems, large or small.

Fidelity Machine & Mould Solutions focuses on offering superior machining, mould making and engineering solutions to individuals and companies.

Co-founded in 2007, Ryan Arseneau, Joe Brunelle and Corey Homick spread the word among business contacts that Fidelity was open to taking on complex projects, large or small, that other shops didn’t want to tackle. This brought in diverse projects for the new company in the energy and aerospace sectors, as well as with international customers.

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Fidelity and Orpyx Medical Technologies participated in an initiative to manufacture personal protective equipment (PPE) for Calgary health-care facilities. The partnership would draw on the two companies’ expertise in the medical and manufacturing sectors to address the ongoing need for PPE as the COVID-19 pandemic continued.

The result was shortened mask delivery times, producing 4.5 million certified medical masks, and a $60-million agreement with Alberta Health Services. Since diversifying its business, Fidelity’s staff count has doubled from 45 to 90 with more being hired.

What does the future of Fidelity look like? Forging into the aerospace and defence sectors.

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