Innovation Snapshot
Location:Calgary, Alberta

Making money for Canadians

For most Canadians, it’s challenging to find reliable investing information. Realizing people didn’t have the tools to feel financially savvy, Taran Kainth, CEO and co-founder of Flahmingo, set out to enable financial freedom and empowerment for Canadians by breaking down barriers to investing and increasing financial literacy.

Flahmingo uses a system called Pies and Slices, where each stock or exchange-traded fund (ETF) a person owns is a slice of their pie. Flahmingo automatically invests your funds into publicly traded companies or ETFs you choose, with dollar amounts or percentages you specify. Users can change the weight of a slice simply by clicking a button.

Users can set up recurring deposits that Flahmingo automatically invests in their pie, and can easily increase or decrease the deposit amount. Fractional shares allow you to own a piece of your favourite company without having to buy an entire share. The company has also created Flahmingo Central—a hub for people to learn about the stock market and earn cash.

Taran won Calgary's EO Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2018 for his first start up, where he learned valuable lessons that prepared him for being an entrepreneur in the financial space. Since the inception of Flahmingo, he has sought counsel, advice, and mentorship from industry leaders. All Flahmingo employees in leadership positions are paired with industry experts to help mentor and guide them.

The proprietary technology Flahmingo is developing is spearheaded by a passionate group of local and international talent, working toward building a product that will change the future of investing.

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