Innovation Snapshot
Location:Carstairs, Alberta

Herd Management At The Herd

Flokk aims to use technology to make the time-intensive, tiring work of livestock management easier. For those in the cattle industry, keeping a watch over their herd is a gargantuan task: pregnancies, vaccinations, illnesses and location are just some of the information that needs to be tracked. Made more difficult by the fact that cows aren’t generally kept in the same place as computers.

Flokk’s handheld device, combined with custom-built software, is designed to track everything that a livestock operation needs with a minimum of fuss.

From the start, the company has focused on making a product built for the realities of working with animals - the rugged device is built to be resistant to damage, easy to clean and will continue to store herd updates until it can find an Internet connection.

While still in the testing phase, Flokk’s software is designed with local livestock operations in mind, with subscription services that allow the software to link up with federal and provincial agencies to streamline transportation and reporting data, as well as cattle breed associations.