Innovation Snapshot
Innovator:FREDsense Technologies
Location:Calgary, Alberta

From students to entrepreneurs

FREDsense began when former students David Lloyd, Emily Hicks, and Robert Mayall entered the International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) competition. The competition pits undergraduate student teams against each other in a year-long contest to design, build and test systems using synthetic biology.

The Calgary team’s project was to genetically modify bacteria into biosensors capable of detecting toxins in oil sands tailing ponds. The sensor data then interfaces directly with a computer to deliver the results. Their biosensor was so successful that it put the team on the path to launching their own company, FREDsense.

Their Field-Ready Electrochemical Detector (FRED) is a portable biosensor device that detects water-borne chemicals and contaminants.

Traditional tools are expensive, complex, and require off-site processing steps, this costs time and money, preventing decisions from being made in real-time. FRED is a customizable solution for fast and sensitive detection of trace chemicals giving us the ability to effectively monitor our water assets.

FREDsense’s is determined to use innovative technologies to change the way the world monitors water quality.

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