Innovation Snapshot
Innovator:Verge Ag, Dr. Godard
Location:Calgary, Alberta

An Interactive Farm Operations Planning Software

Farm operations involve multiple complex interdependent systems of machinery. Assessing the most effective deployment of this equipment poses a challenge for modern crop farmers who are seeking to improve efficiency, increase productivity and yield while reducing costs.

Verge Ag is working to develop an interactive web application for farm logistics, using 3D digital models of farmland and artificial intelligence optimize equipment deployment, and receive data that enables better decision making.

Verge Ag’s technology helps farmers ensure their machinery is being deployed in the right place and the right time, reducing costs and increasing environmental sustainability. These savings total $12 to $14 per acre of cultivated farmland annually resulting in potential annual economic impact of $252 million across Alberta’s 21 million acres of cropland.

Environmental impacts include long-term sustainability of the land by reducing soil erosion and compaction thereby improving the soil’s ability to hold water, nutrients, and air necessary to support crop life.

This project is part of Alberta Innovates’ Smart Agriculture and Food Digitization and Automation Challenge.