Innovation Snapshot
Innovator:Helpseeker Technologies
Location:Calgary, Alberta

Help At The Click Of A Button

For those who find themselves in crisis, getting help can be a confusing, stressful experience. With support spread over so many organizations and services, many do not know where to even begin.

Founded in 2018, HelpSeeker Technologies created the Helpseeker app to help service providers and those in need navigate the complex world of community care.

With a few taps, the app brings up thousands of local and national organizations that offer a wide variety of resources; it offers information on everything from mental health resources, to housing supports, to help with food and employment. Starting in April 2020, Helpseeker also added COVID-19 resources to its app.

Helpseeker focuses on being free and private. Users don’t need to sign in and the app doesn’t collect any personal data. It works at no cost to either the service provider or the end-user.

Helpkeeper also collects anonymized data about how people use their app, offering vital information to service organizations about what resources people are searching for — this can allow them to better tailor their services to be more effective and helpful.