Innovation Snapshot
Location:Calgary, Alberta

Booking a repair technician to come to your house can involve a high degree of disruption, as appointments take place in the middle of the workday or require several separate visits to accomplish a small task.

When co-founder Danny Way had his furnace shut down during a cold spell, a technician was able to get it up and running in less than 5 minutes by cleaning a sensor with steel wool, a task he realized anyone could perform if they knew what they were doing. Along with Luke Krueger and Guillermo Salazar, he came up with ICwhatUC, which puts the customer experience first and dramatically simplifies customer-driven repairs across any industry.

ICwhatUC gives customers the power to do their own repairs, estimates, and inspections, assisted by augmented-reality video calling. Expert agents can view and interpret the customer’s surroundings to guide them through the process, all with one-click access and without ever setting foot on location.

With ICwhatUC, rather than having to schedule a time window in advance, a customer simply calls for assistance, or an estimate when they need it. An SMS message then initiates a video session without requiring an app, letting technicians see exactly what the customer sees with a single tap.

Using augmented reality tools, the agent can guide the customer through the repair process in real time. The technology puts them in the same space as the customer entirely virtually, without having to travel there, for quicker issue resolution. The entire exchange is contactless, reducing risk for both parties.

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