Innovation Snapshot
Innovator:Illucidx Ultra-Sensitive Diagnostics
Location:Calgary, Alberta

Diagnostics at your fingertips

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted how crucial it is to have fast and accurate diagnostic technologies that can be widely deployed to rapidly identify and respond to cases. Headquartered in Calgary, Illucidx offers ultra-sensitive, rapid diagnostic tools for the detection of pathogens, including near-patient malaria diagnostics and a cartridge-based COVID-19 test.

Founded in January 2020 by Cody Doolan, the company’s focus is to provide solutions that can positively affect clinical and patient outcomes and enable broad access to these tools across the globe, particularly in resource-limited areas.

With a goal of developing tools for developed countries, the ultra-sensitive diagnostic options can then be realistically deployed in low and middle-income countries. This translates to tests that are robust, field deployable, and economically feasible.

In late 2020, Illucidx joined the Alberta Board Testing Pilot Program in partnership with the provincial and federal governments, supplying the program with COVID-19 RT-LAMP tests to reduce the length of mandatory quarantine for returning travellers.

Cody was in the first cohort of the Life Science Fellowship program, a two-year program from Innovate Calgary that provides experiential learning in research and development, commercialization, and start-up creation for life sciences entrepreneurs.

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