Innovation Snapshot
Innovator:Katal Energy
Location:Calgary, Alberta

Cleaner Diesel

Every day, millions of barrels of diesel are consumed each year, the majority of which are used to fuel heavy trucks and industrial equipment. Diesel also serves as an important resource in Canada’s north, which relies on the fuel for much of its power.

Katal Energy is a low-emission alternative fuel company that is dedicated to making diesel fuel burn cleaner and longer. The company, which was born from Southern Alberta Institute of Technology’s Applied Research and Innovation Services Lab, has created a commercially-scalable process to produce an additive that can be mixed with diesel and water. The final product, called Katal Gree Fuel (KGF), reduces emissions and pollution while remaining cost competitive and just as effective as traditional diesel.

The company estimates that replacing conventional diesel with KGF in Canada would immediately eliminate 12 million tonnes of carbon dioxide annually. In addition, they say the mix would cut particulate and nitrous oxide emissions from diesel in half.

With the process worked out, Katal Energy is now working on commercializing KGF and attracting partnerships — the company is currently planning to build a pilot plant in Canada.