Gamechanger Snapshot
Innovator:Kent Imaging
Location:Calgary, Alberta
Caduceus Illustration


Oxygen plays an integral role in all phases of the wound healing process, and tissue oxygenation levels are key determinants of wound healing. A comprehensive evaluation of patients with non-healing wounds must include the measurement of oxygenation in and around the area of skin breakdown. The current gold standard, transcutaneous oxygen measurement (TCOM), uses electrodes placed on the skin. TCOM remains in use despite its many drawbacks because non-invasive vascular tests are required for medical decision-making and reimbursement.

Calgary-based Kent Imaging has developed a product that eliminates the need for cumbersome electrodes. Called SnapshotNIR, it uses near infrared light imaging technology where light is absorbed to varying degrees in melanin, the substance that gives different colour to skin. The latest version of SnapshotNIR is designed to automatically adjust the image based on skin colour, enhancing the usefulness of the imaging technology.

Introduced to the wound healing market in 2018, the product has been cleared by both Health Canada and the FDA in the U.S. Successful adoption of SnapshotNIR will provide healthcare practitioners with important insights into tissue health which are required to reduce complications and improve patient outcomes.

Kent Imaging Inc. is a part of Alberta Innovates’ Accelerating Innovations into CarE (AICE) program.


Kent Imaging Inc., SerenaGroup Research Institute