Innovation Snapshot
Location:Edmonton, Alberta

Portable Aerosol Containment Tent protects healthcare workers from Covid-19 exposure

Edmonton-based entrepreneurs Dr. Marc Curial and Chris Terriff, P.Eng. founded MACH32 to rapidly design and develop the Aerosol Containment Tent (ACT) to protect front-line healthcare personnel from infectious aerosols, including COVID-19. The ACT design creates a negative pressure zone around a patient’s head during critical airway procedures such as intubation and ventilation.

“Airway procedures are the most high-risk procedures for exposure to aerosolized COVID-19 particles,” says Dr. Curial.

MACH32 says the ACT is the only portable patient-specific isolation on the market that enables clinicians to perform procedures while the patient is under negative pressure, providing an additional layer of protection to healthcare personnel.

ACT provides equivalent or better protection at a fraction of the cost making it more accessible in the healthcare industry

The ACT device uses negative pressure and a HEPA filter to contain 99.97% of particles, rather than allowing the particles to escape into the surrounding environment.