Gamechanger Snapshot
Location:Edmonton, Alberta


Developmental hip dysplasia (DDH) is the #1 reason for hip replacement surgery in women under 40 and is 30 times more common in Indigenous Canadians. Edmonton-based has developed artificial intelligence-based technology to detect DDH in hip ultrasound images. In an academic setting, this analysis has accuracy and reliability equal to or better than expert radiologists.

It is estimated that each day in Alberta four infants are born with DDH, and two adults receive hip replacement surgery for arthritis caused by untreated DDH. If detected in infancy, DDH is treatable by a simple brace with 95 per cent success. Unfortunately, current DDH screening tools are not reliable enough to be recommended for universal DDH screening. This leads to diagnosis of DDH being missed in many infants, resulting in premature osteoarthritis, pain, disability and surgery. is a part of Alberta Innovates’ Accelerating Innovations into CarE (AICE) program.

Partners, Westview Physician Collaborative, Edmonton Health City