Innovation Snapshot
Innovator:My Normative
Location:Calgary, Alberta

With the ubiquity of smart devices and the increasing reliance on telehealth and remote medicine, more and more people are turning to technology to track their health. However, these apps aren’t always tailored to the specific health concerns of their users. My Normative is a health-tracking app specifically designed for women and people who menstruate.

The My Normative app’s female-focused metrics aim to give its users a more accurate picture of their health, through both user feedback and biometric readings. That data can give people a better idea of what effect hormone levels can have on sleep, activity level and other important wellness concerns.

On top of providing personalized data, My Normative is also designed to change the world of medical research. In many global health studies, differences in gender and sex are controlled for — erasing some of the very real differences in results between different groups and sometimes leading to less accurate results. The My Normative app uses some of the data it collects (with all identifying personal information removed) to train a machine learning algorithm. That algorithm can then be used to create data sets, filters, and other methods to make it easier to incorporate more women into medical and health studies. The result is not only more accurate information overall, but specifically helps our understanding of women’s health.