Innovation Snapshot
Location:Edmonton, Alberta

Machine Learning in a Processing Facility

“Achieving operational excellence in a processing facility is crucial as the world transitions to a high-production, low-waste environment,”
— Chowdary Meenavilli, NTWIST co-founder

Edmonton-based tech startup NTWIST has developed a platform that harnesses the predictive power of machine learning.

NTWIST’s software platform implements artificial intelligence algorithms in a user-friendly package that “communicates” with existing equipment in an industrial facility and existing control room software.

The platform uses existing sensor data to generate process recommendations and forecast production in real time, with less effort and better outcomes.

It allows businesses to make critical decisions by utilizing their operational data, thereby reducing costs and increasing profitability. NTWIST improves productivity with fewer resources, leading to the conservation of natural resources and reduced environmental footprints.

Alberta Innovates provided $200,000 through its Digital Innovation in Clean Energy (DICE) program to accelerate development of NTWIST’s artificial intelligence platform. Since the approval of the DICE funding, NTWIST has expanded its team by four full-time and six part-time employees.

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