Innovation Snapshot
Innovator:Phase Sensors
Location:Edmonton, Alberta

Building industrial sensors for hostile environments.

Phase Sensors develops and builds custom micro-sensors for industrial monitoring in hostile, high-temperature and high-pressure environments. Products include:

  • downhole oil well pressure sensors,
  • sensors for refinery heat exchangers,
  • water monitoring sensors for cooling towers,
  • and sensors for monitoring equipment on large marine vessels pressure sensor that can be used in geothermal well monitoring, tsunami detection, and oil well characterization.

Founder Chris Holt says Alberta Innovates has been supporting the company in various ways since inception, from the time Holt was an undergraduate student, the completion of his postgraduate studies, formation of his company, and the development and commercialization of its sensor products.

“Alberta Innovates has played a crucial role in my entire academic and professional career. They sponsored my PhD research through both a personal nanotechnology scholarship, and by funding my PhD project with a nanoWorks grant. This funding allowed me to work with an amazing team and have significant resources to work on very exciting sensor development projects.”

In 2020 Phase Sensors had already exceeding targets in their business plan. The goal is to continue to grow towards 20 employees and $20 million in revenue in three years.

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