Innovation Snapshot
Innovator:Qube Technologies
Location:Calgary, Alberta

As concerns over the damaging effects of climate change continue to grow, industries are seeing greater regulations and more pressure to curb their greenhouse gas emissions. For Alberta’s oil-and-gas industry, that includes monitoring their equipment and facilities for leaks of gases like C02 or methane. Calgary-based Qube Technologies is geared towards real-time, continuous emissions monitoring, which can help identify leaks as soon as they happen and help companies reduce greenhouse gases.

Traditional methods like cameras and aerial surveys can identify emissions leaks, but cameras can miss issues out of their view and leaks can go undetected for months between surveys. Qube’s AI-driven monitoring rigs keep a constant eye on gas emissions, alerting operators to issues as soon as they happen. The monitors are designed to be largely self-sufficient and designed for remote worksites: they take less than an hour to install and are solar-powered. They also upload the data they collected to the cloud, making it possible to access remotely in an instant.

If a leak does happen, Qube’s AI-driven devices can quickly infer exactly where it happened, leading to less damage and quicker repairs. The company’s data dashboard can help manage repairs and inspections and can even take over some of the work of filing regulatory reports and paperwork. In 2021, the company’s equipment became the first to receive regulatory approval in North America for continuous monitoring of methane emissions.