Innovation Snapshot
Location:Edmonton, Alberta

Solutions for today’s pipelines

Pipelines are an essential step in transporting oil and gas to be refined into the finished products that we use every day, and one Edmonton-based company is ready to make the use of pipelines around the world safer and more efficient. Rogue7 brings machine-learning applications to the oil and gas industry to optimize operational results.

Rogue7 created Rogue Intuition, software that allows operators to see into the future by extracting real-time data and generating operational predictions with an accuracy of 95 percent.

Rogue Intuition provides operators with a “sandbox” to experiment with various set-points and operating conditions to visualize how these settings will affect the pipeline over the next one to three hours.

Pipeline operators can use the application as a digital assistant to predict how changing conditions will affect outcomes, allowing them to experiment with different set points to achieve the best operational results possible.

This has multiple benefits from an efficiency standpoint, such as increasing the average flow rate by reducing the number of flow rate drops. Rogue Intuition can also reduce flow rate fluctuations to decrease stress and corrosion cracking in the pipeline, decreasing the likelihood of associated environmental risks and safety hazards.

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