Innovation Snapshot
Innovator:Provision Analytics Inc., Ms. Si Dingani
Location:Calgary, Alberta

Food Safety from Farm to Fork

For businesses that produce, prepare, or serve food, ensuring food safety is essential.

Calgary-based Provision Analytics is one of Alberta’s fastest growing start-ups, and its software has helped food producers around the world to track food safety data from farm to fork, making it easier to trace the source of an outbreak in the event of a recall.

Provision Analytics provides software for food processors and manufacturers to digitize and automate their food safety processes. The company is now in the process of creating “Practice Manager,” a new extension to the Provision software that will enable food safety consultants and their clients to develop and revamp plans, records and procedures remotely.

Practice Manager digitizes the traditional paper-based system used by food safety consultants and their clients. This allows for the majority of the food safety and quality pre-check audits to be performed remotely saving the business and the consultant time and money. This software greatly improves the traceability of food products and enables businesses to quickly identify and correct any potential risks to food safety.

This project is part of Alberta Innovates’ Smart Agriculture and Food Digitization and Automation Challenge.