Innovation Snapshot
Innovator:Syantra Inc.
Location:Calgary, Alberta


Diagnosing breast cancer isn’t as easy as a quick test, but an Alberta company is bringing that scenario one step closer to reality. Calgary-based Syantra has developed a breast cancer test that needs less than a tablespoon of blood to run, with results determined using a proprietary algorithm based on artificial intelligence.

Called Syantra DX|Breast Cancer, the test is a tool for laboratories to use in detecting the presence of active breast cancer. The company is working with DynaLife, under laboratory accreditation through the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta, to further their research and move into screening environments to see how the blood test performs in parallel with mammography imaging.

Alberta Innovates’ Small Business Innovation and Research Initiative (ASBIRI) funded Syantra, in partnership with DynaLife, to improve the early detection of cancer, leading to improved response in diagnosis and treatment.

Partners include:

DynaLIfe, Alberta Innovates, Alberta Cancer Foundation

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