Innovation Snapshot
Innovator:Teser Technologies
Location:Calgary, Alberta

UV light technology halts the spread of disease

Calgary-based Teser Technologies has developed an innovative solution to sanitize medical equipment and electronic devices, quickly and safely.

With the global healthcare community desperate to find ways of slowing the spread of the virus, Teser worked around the clock to design an accessible and easy-to-use decontamination chamber capable of killing the COVID-19 virus in under one minute. The extremely powerful light kills pathogens on the surface of any item placed inside the unit.

High-use personal devices such as stethoscopes and smartphones can be automatically decontaminated when entering and leaving a patient’s room, reducing the cost of human labour needed to physically clean the object.

To complement their experience in the petroleum steel manufacturing industry, the Teser team partnered with experts from the University of Alberta, InnoTech Alberta and other organizations, to support development and refine the UV technology.

Scientists tested the unit’s efficiency in killing a range of pathogens and learned that it can accomplish a 99.99% eradication of the COVID-19 virus in under 60 seconds.