Innovation Snapshot
Innovator:Ti-DOX EnviroTek
Location:Calgary, Alberta

Cleaning the Air

Industrial chemical emissions, germ-laden air circulation systems, synthetic material off-gassing, and decomposition of natural resources are all potential sources of health and safety issues in residential and commercial facilities. After a decade of research and testing, Calgary-based Ti-DOX EnviroTek has developed HydroxylizAire, an air decontamination device that’s helping people breathe easier.

HydroxylizAire is not only capable of combating harmful organisms, but it also instantly destroys toxic chemicals, such as hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, benzene, ammonia, and formaldehyde, with more than 95 percent efficacy under flow-through conditions.

Ti-DOX EnviroTek’s air decontamination is not done using a filter or sorbent device, which only capture particulate. Instead, HydroxylizAire simulates nature’s stratospheric contaminant destruction using a combination of UVC light, heat, retention time, and close proximity, as well as powerful internally contained hydroxyl radical radiation dosages.

Critical to successful pollution control is attacking the problem at the source and avoiding large scale contaminant distribution, as well as achieving improved indoor air quality and reduced energy consumption within confined work and living spaces. Ti-DOX has developed a fully contained system that works 24 hours a day, is safe to use in occupied spaces, and requires little to no maintenance apart from replacing a UVC bulb yearly.

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