Innovation Snapshot
Location:Calgary, Alberta

Machine learning platform in the oilpatch improves supply chain logistics

Calgary-based Validere’s artificial intelligence solutions are targeted at increasing the global competitiveness of Alberta’s resource industry by transforming how products are moved and distributed.

Edge is their innovative digital platform that employs machine learning to connect industry data allowing buyers, sellers and transporters of petroleum products to more easily and efficiently find one another. Because the platform connects, tracks, and audits data, customers are better able to optimize operational, marketing, and supply-chain decisions.

The Edge platform simplifies the decision-making process for market participants. It reduces inefficient transport and emissions by identifying the optimal destination for specific qualities of petroleum products, reduces waste, and increases the value received for Alberta products by matching them with the right buyer.

The development and use of Validere’s Edge platform helps the Alberta oil & gas sector to continue leading the industry in identifying improvements that benefit everyone, say company officials.

Growth and scale

The company was co-founded in 2015 by Dr. Ian Burgess and Nouman Ahmad, and by 2016 had graduated from San Francisco’s Y-Combinator and Toronto’s Creative Destruction Lab accelerators. In 2018 Canadian Innovation Exchange named Validere as one of Canada’s Top 20 Most Innovative Tech Companies.

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