Innovation Snapshot
Innovator:Virtual Gurus
Location:Calgary, Alberta


Calgary’s Virtual Gurus is a fast-growing start-up that utilizes a virtual platform to match organizations with highly skilled virtual assistants.

The propriety courses offered by The Virtual Gurus Academy ensure that local contractors have the skills necessary to competently use new and common technologies so companies can get the assistance they need.

Originally a freelancer as a virtual assistant in 2016, Bobbie Racette, CEO, recognized the challenges with existing platforms she quickly switched gears from freelancer to entrepreneur and began developing a new virtual assistant platform The Virtual Gurus. Starting from a team of three she has quickly grown to become one of the largest North American network of Virtual Administrative Assistants.

“I refuse to hire full-time employees outside of Alberta,”   Racette says. “We are trying to keep work in Alberta. It felt good that we have been able to hire and provide work, even during the pandemic.”

Racette is committed to providing opportunities for marginalized groups, “I have a large platform and I have a voice as an Indigenous, LGBTQ+ person, so my onboarding team has a mandate to make our team 95 per cent women, 65 per cent people of colour, and 45 per cent LGBTQ so that we can give the people who are often forgotten more work.”

In 2019, founder and CEO, Racette was named Indigenous Entrepreneur of the Year by Startup Canada and a recipient of the 2021 Report on Business Changemakers award.