Innovation Snapshot
Location:Calgary, Alberta

Solving unique issues using advanced technology

From creating immersive virtual experiences allowing potential buyers to tour future real estate to developing face and object recognition to advance security at an oil company, VizworX is a software company helping clients to embrace digital transformation.

VizworX started in 2012 at the University of Calgary when two research labs were spun out to form an organization that would promote and facilitate technology commercialization. In 2020 it has employed over 35 people, helping brand Calgary as a high-tech hub.

Using augmented/virtual/mixed reality, artificial intelligence, and data visualization, VizworX solves critical business needs for clients across oil & gas, construction, government, aerospace, and the maritime industries.

Elements of their work include data visualization as a storytelling tool, reimagining settings through immersive technology, and leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence to leave clients free to focus on their work.

In August 2020, Canada’s Digital Technology Supercluster selected Vizworx, MDA and Simon Fraser University to partner on developing a solution focused on identifying unreported and unregulated maritime fishing. Through real-time monitoring practices, data visualization, and artificial intelligence, the three organizations are working together to combat illegal vessels and potential harm to our marine ecosystem. The initiative works to detect and recognize unreported, so-called “dark” vessels that engage in a variety of activities related to illegal fishing, human trafficking, and border security.