Innovation Snapshot
Innovator:Wave View Imaging
Location:Calgary, Alberta

Non-invasive, non-radiation medical imaging for breast cancer

Wave View Imaging is putting the focus on improving the patient experience for those undergoing breast cancer treatment, aiming to provide both successful outcomes and peace of mind to individuals in the midst of a process that can be stressful and uncomfortable.

Founded in 2020 by Jeremie Bourqui, Wave View Imaging offers precise monitoring for breast cancer treatment. They are developing a novel imaging method to monitor treatment with an advanced, non-intrusive technology that uses microwave signals to provide objective measures of breast tissue health. As compared to a traditional mammography, imaging can be done without discomfort, in a matter of minutes, and at a low cost.

The non-intrusive microwave signal technology measures breast tissue properties to actively monitor progress. Microwaves are sensitive to water content in tissues, which reduces as tumors respond to treatment. Physicians are then presented with supporting data to help guide treatments.

Currently oncologists rely on palpation, which is subjective and creates challenges when properly assessing tumor changes. Wave View’s technology is safe, fast, and low-cost, which means imaging can completed as frequently as needed. Most importantly, it provides meaningful information on tumour response during cancer treatment, allowing physicians to adapt their approach and providing patients with assurance that treatments are working.

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