Innovation Snapshot
Location:Edmonton, Alberta

Wyvern plans to be your eye in the sky. The Edmonton-based space technology company is working to offer affordable satellite imagery to commercial companies. Wyvern’s images are more than just photos taken from very high up; the company has developed its own optical technology to offer hyperspectral imagery: this lets it take in a lot of information across the electromagnetic spectrum, some outside of what the human eye can see. This makes it possible to do things like detect minerals, identify plants and reveal information that a traditional satellite photo can’t offer.

The team behind Wyvern carry a wealth of experience in space technology. Four of the company’s founding members were past members of AlbertaSat, the team at the University of Alberta behind the first satellite to be designed and built in the province. Many companies already offer hyperspectral imagery via drones, but it can be a costly process. Wyvern’s use of lightweight cube drones in low earth orbit promises a more cost-efficient method, making it feasible for smaller and more niche customers.

Now Wyvern is targeting farmers and agricultural producers with its services. The images it produces can help farmers keep track of their soil quality and even spot disease and insect infestations before they cause too much damage. The space company is also looking to future applications in forestry, environmental monitoring and defence.

Wyvern recently reached an agreement with AAC Clyde Space, a Swedish orbital company, to launch their first satellites in early 2022.